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Accepted by Lineage Societies and others who have verified service records whose names appear on this list.

The membership requirements for various lineage societies are not the same. The men's society, General Society of the War of 1812 requires that men considered for membership be direct lineal descendants of men who has fought in the War of 1812.
The National Society of Daughters of 1812 accepts service performed in the period 1784-1815 and also accepts qualifying civilian service such as an ancestor's having held public office or served on a jury.

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Aaron, Thomas. born Georgia, died Arkansas in 1864, married Susanna V. Smith. Pvt. U.S. Infantry. Son John married Mary Butcher.

Abercombie, Charles, born Virginia 1742, died Georgia 1819. Patriot Georgia 1798, married Dicey Edwina Booth, son Leonard m. Sarah Comer

Alexander, Adam Rankin. 4 Oct 1813 to 4 Jan 1814 McCrory's Regiment W Tennessee, Pvt. Captain Dooley's Company, 1 Lt. and QM Thomas McCrory's 2nd Regiment. Alexander Rankin was born Washington County VA and died 1 Nov 1848 at Marshall County MS. He was married to Leah Reagan who was born in VA. They were married 26 Mar 1805 in Blount County, TN.

.Anthony, James, Sgt. 2nd. Batt 1st. Reg 5th. Co, Infantry, GA., Wilkes County, GA 18 Oct 1793. He was born 18 Dec 1752 at Hanover County VA and died in 1815 in Jasper County, GA His wife, Ann Ancy Tate, was born in 1752 in Louisa County, VA and died in May, 1834 in Jasper County, GA They were married 29 Sep 1772 in Bedford County, VA

Arnold, Wyatt. Wyatt H. Arnold volunteered in Humphrey's Court Tennessee and served as a private from September 28 1814 to 28 March 1815 in Captain Joseph Williams' Company of Tennessee militia. He was born in 1798 in New Kent, VA and died ca. 1869 at Bibb County, AL. He is buried in Bibb County, AL. See National Archives Bounty Land Files, Can #218, Bundle 4, Wyatt Arnold Warrant #2244 issued 24 March, 1851 and Letter listing his service: Treasury Department #5946, Department of Interior. He was married to Charlotte Brown whom he married in 1816 in SC.

Austill, Evan Captain. U.S. Government Agent, Commander of Fort Madison in Clarke County, AL. He fought the Creek Indians in the Battle of Burnt Corn. After orders were given to leave, he remained behind to defend Fort Madison in the years 1812-1814. Captain Austill died in Florida from exposure on an Indian Campaign. He was born in 1769 in Halifax County, VA and died 18 Oct 1818 in Florida. He is buried at Fort Madison, Clarke County (See Historic marker). He was married to Sarah Files who was born ca. 1777 in the Pendleton District, SC She died in September of 1835 in Wilcox County, AL

Aylor, Anthony Served in War of 1812 as a private in Captain Gilbert D. Freer's Company, State of GA militia commanded by Major William Wooten from 7 Aug 1814 to 7 Feb 1815. He was born 24 of Sep 1792 in NC and died 28 Sep 1882 in Tennessee. He was married to Mary Sharp.

Bates, Jehu. He enlisted at Camden, Kershaw District, S.C. and served from October 12, 1814 until March 3, 1815 as a private in Captain Francis Blair's company of S.C. militia.He is buried in the Barney Plot in the Putnam Cemetery in Marengo County, AL. His widow filed for a pension.

Bell, Jonathan. Service: represented Twigg County, GA in the State Assembly, 1814-1815. Jonathan Bell was born in NC in 1782 and died in Wilcox County (Camden) in 1843. His grave is located on the Bell Plantation, Wilcox County, AL. He was married to Judith Crump in NC.

Brahan, John. Major General. General John Brahan was born in Fauquier Co., VA on June 8, 1774. He married Mary Weakley in Nashville, TN on June 24, 1810. He was a General under Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans. He lived in Huntsville, AL for many years before relocating near Florance, AL where he died on June 8, 1834. He is buried in the family cemetary at his old plantation, "Sweetwater". Mary Weakley was the daughter of Col. Robert Weakley and Jane Locke of Nashville, TN. She was born in Nashville on July 12, 1792 and died at Sweetwater on Jan. 7, 1837 where she is buried next to her husband.

Brooks, William, Captain 37th. Regiment Tennessee militia. He was born 25 March 1774 at Gloucester County VA and died Tipton County, TN 3 June, 1836. He was married to Sarah Paine, born 13 Feb 1778 at NC and died in Tennessee 8 July 1835.

Brown, Richard. War of 1812. NC Detached militia, August 1814, private. His record is found Muster Rolls of Soldiers of War of 1812 NC p.105. The State Records of NC, vol 22, p.35.. Richard Brown was married to Fanny Walden at Onslow County NC 16 Feb 1780. Brown was born ca. 1755 at Bladen County, NC and died at Bladen Co NC

Cannifax, John. Private Captain Cyrus White's Company, 3rd. Regiment Wimberley's Georgia militia 21 Nov 1814 to 5 March 1815. John Cannifax was born ca. 1794 in Campbell County, VA and died 29 Dec 1847. He was married to Anna Duke.

Carter, William. 1813-1814 GA Volunteer Mounted Company under Captain Steele, served as a trumpeter, fought in the Battle of Antossee in Nov 1814. Received a pension of $8.00 per month page 204 Our Cowart Family, page 111, History of Pike County, AL by Margaret Pace Farmer. William Carter was born 27 July 1789 in Hancock County, GA and died in Pike County, AL 31 Oct 1883. He married Mary Buchanan on 26 Nov 1817 in Hancock County, GA

Chappell, Miles. Served as a private in the company commanded by Captain John Jackson in the 1st. regiment of drafted militia commanded by Colonel Metcalf. He was drafted in Bedford County, TN November 1814 and served in the Battle of New Orleans, 22 Dec 1814-8 Jan 1815. His widow received a pension. Miles Chappell was born 5 June 1790 in Virginia and died 24 March 1887 at Tuscaloosa, AL He was married to Priscilla Parker whom he married 12 July 1812 at Bedford County, Tennesee. Miles Chappell is buried in the Sterling Church Cemetery in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Clark, Caleb. Private, 3 Regiment (Alston's) South Carolina militia, Capt. John K. McIver Co, Inf. Batt'n commanded by Major William Fields. Served from 24 Sep 1814 to 11 Mar 1815. Caleb Clark received bounty land. He was born in SC in 1794 and died at Clay County Al on 11 Jul 1857. He was married to Mary Mullins who was born in 1804 in Kentucky and died in clay County AL on Oct 1873. They were married on 14 Sep 1828 at Hall County GA. Caleb Clark is buried in the Concord Baptist Church Cemetery in Clay County, AL

Cleveland, John. Captain in 3rd. Upper Company of the Franklin Co. GA Regiment militia. Commissioned 12 Feb 1791. Was a member of the GA House of Representatives in 1789 from Franklin County, GA. Ref. Executive Minute Book, State GA 1790-91 page 64. House Journal of 1789 on file GA Archives. John Cleveland was born ca. 1730 at Orange County VA and died 1825 at Carnesville, GA. He was married to Mary (Molly) McCann whom he married in VA ca. 1754.

Coleman, Solomon Roe. Served in 2nd. Regiment (McWillie's) SC militia.
Born in S.C. 29 Oct 1783, he died in Greene County, AL in 1850 and is buried there.

Curry, Benjamin E.; War of 1812; AL County: St. Clair, Cherokee, Etowah
Pvt. Curry served under Captain Upton in Tennessee militia. His wife Jane Roland Curry received a widow's pension. He is buried in Etowah County Alabama.

Davis, John. Served as a private War 1812 in Pulaski County, GA cavalry, 09 Nov 1814 to 22 Dec 1814. Ref. History of Pulaski and Bleckley County, GA Birmingham Public Library, pp 292&85 and pp.39-40. Muster rolls of Pulaski County militia. John Davis died before July 1825 when will was probated in Wilkerson County, GA. He was married to Judith Gresham.

Dodson, Hightower. Served as a private under Captain James McMahan's Company, 2nd. Regiment Tennessee militia. He enlisted at Snow Creek and served from 28 Sep 1814 to Apr 27 1815. He received a warrant for 80 acres under the act of sept 28, 1850 (warrant no. 53711). Dodson was born in 1788 at VA and died 26 Jun 1876 at Maury Co Tennessee. He married Sally on 4 Jul 1807 at Williamson County, Tennessee.

Drinkard, John B. Served as a private War of 1812 in Captain Samuel Scott's company, SC militia. Ref pension 18243. . He was born in 1794 in the Abbeville District of SC and died 6 Sep 1877 at Henderson, AL. He married Lucinda Henry in Randolph County, AL 25 Oct 1842. She died 8 Nov 1892. He is buried in the Henderson Cemetery in Pike County, AL, probably with his wife Lucinda.

Duck, David. Born ca. 1785 in NC and died after 1871 at Muscogee County, GA. Married to Sarah Ball 3rd. Dec 1812 in Morgan County, GA. He served in Georgia militia War of 1812 from Jasper and Morgan Counties, GA. War of 1812.

Dunn, Lewis. served Captain R. Boyd's militia company, Davidson County Tennessee, 1812. Lewis Dunn was born 01 Nov 1792 in VA and died at Davidson County, Tennessee 03 Oct 1844. He married his wife Judith Mays 21 Sep 1814 in Davidson County, TN

Edgeworth, Nathaniel Lovell, War of 1812, served in 3rd. Regiment of Rutledge's South Carolina, moved to Tuscaloosa Alabama before 1860. He died in 1872 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, AL in an unmarked grave near the corner of 10th. Street. He was born in May, 1789 in Chesterfield, S.C. His wife, whom he married in Chesterfield Co., S.C., was Naomi Evans, the daughter of John Bell Evans. They had eleven children. Nathaniel was the son of Richard Lovell Edgeworth and Elizabeth Knight.

Eichholtz, Leonard. Service: Elective office; Judge of Elections 1786-87, Tax Collector 1785, Assistant Burgess of Lancaster County, PA 1799 to 1812, Chief Burgess Lancaster County, Pa 1813-1815. Material Assistance: Supplied blankets used by volunteers going to Baltimore. Reference: Account of Lancaster County Treasurer William Henry 1782-92; Corporation Book of Lancaster Boro., Pa pages 153, 143, 136; History of Lancaster County Pa by Franklin Ellis et. al. Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society Vol 79, 1975 page 200. Leonard Eichholtz was born 1 Sep 1750 at Lancaster, PA and died 25 Apr 1817 at Lancaster, PA. He married Catharine Meyer/Mayer. He is buried at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Lancaster, PA

Flewellen, William. Mustered 21 Aug 1813 Captain Samuel S. Steele's Troop of Light Dragoons, Major Frederick's Squadron of Georgia Cavalry. Appointed Sgt. Major 25 September, 1813. Served until 5 March, 1814. He was born 24 Apr 1787 at NC and died 31 Aug 1835 at Clinton, Jones County GA. He was married to Mary Thweatt whom he married 3 Nov 1814 at Baldwin County, GA.

Fonda, Christopher Yates. Served as a surgeon in Captain Yates Company NY militia 1812. Military bounty certificate for widow Sarah Fonda 1852. He was born in 1790 at Schenectady, NY and died 26 Aug 1845 at Claiborne, Monroe County, AL. He married his 2nd. wife, Sarah Louise Boatright Black at NC on 23 Oct 1838 in Monroe County, AL. He is buried in Monroe County, AL.

Foster, Richard Singleton. Served in the Tennessee militia from Maury County, TN. Listed by Byron and Samuel Sistler. See also Jill K. Garrett,
War of 1812, Soldiers of Maury County, TN. Richard Foster was born 15 Aug 1784 in Charlotte County, VA and died 1859 at Maury County, TN. He was married to Elizabeth Mann who was born 5 Ju 1789 at Charlotte County VA and died in Maury County, TN 30 Aug 1804 in Charlotte County VA. She died 15 Aug 1870.

Galehouse (Gelhousen), Frederick. Superintended the construction of a public road from New Lisbon to Lake Erie for the use of artillery. Work on the road was suspended after William Hull surrendered Detroit without firing a shot on August 16, 1812. Frederocl Gelhousen was born 28 Oct 1782 in Germany and died at Doylestown, Wayne County, Ohio on 22 Apr 1865. He was married to Elizabeth Wilt whom he married 22 July 1805. He was buried in the Doylestown Presbyterian Cemetery in Wayne County, Ohio.

Gardner, Reuben. Served SC militia from 29 Oct 1814 to 7 Dec 1814. On the muster roll of Captain Chapman Levy's company. His brother Samuel Gardner served in the same company. Reuben Gardner, the son of Thomas Gardner, was born 9 Dec 1790 in SC and died 12 Jan 1843 at Bridgeville, AL. He is buried in the Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County, AL. He married his wife, Lydia Bradford in SC in 1815. She died in Bridgeville, AL 7 Dec 1856.

Gist, Joshua. Pvt in Captain John Jackson's company of Infantry, Metcalfe's Regiment, West Tennessee militia 13 Nove 1814-16 May 1815. He received bounty land. He was born 17 Mar 1793 in NC and died 26 Feb 1863 at Colbert County, AL. He was married to Susannah Grooms. He is buried on private land in Colbert County, AL

Glass, Williamson. Mississippi Territory (Alabama) Fort Madison, private. Served as a spy, served under Captain and General Samuel Dale, 1813-1814. Took part in General Claiborne's Holy Ground Expedition. References: Pension claim made by his widow, Mary Baker Glass on 15 may, 1857. Williamson Glass was the son of Zachariah Glass who constructed Fort Glass. Williamson was born ca. 1784 in Georgia and died after 1860 and before 1870 in Marengo County, AL.

Herndon, George. Born 1795 at Pittsylvania County, VA and died 5 of Oct 1874 at Ozark, Missouri. He married Hannah Cox 25 Sep 1817 at Jefferson County, Tennessee. He served in 6 Regiment VA militia as a private, 31 May to 28 June 1814 in Captain Jesse Leftwich's Company; 29 June to 30 Aug 1814 in Captain Doctor C. Williams' Company; 31 Aug to 25 Nov 1814 in Captain Edward Pescud's Company. Pension certificate No 17,890 dated 16 July 1872.

Hester, William. Born in NC 27 Jan 1780. Died in Franklin County, AL on 23 Jan 1840. Wife: Amy Malone whom he married in NC. Served in Mississippi Territorial Militia, Company H.

Hinds, Byram Lt. MS militia. Born 5 Mar 1792 Knox County, Tennessee and died Red Hill, Alabama 23 Apr 1875. Married to Elizabeth Childress. Buried Red Hill, Alabama.

Howard, Joseph. Captain SC militia. He was born SC about 1783 and died about 1855. He was married to Mary Ann "Polly" Goldsmith who was born in 1785 at Greenville County, SC and died 24 Feb 1829 at Greenville, SC

Hughes, Thomas. Private War of 1812 in Capt. William Moseley's company of Mounted Volunteers. Thomas Hughes was born ca. 1780 in VA and died before 13 Aug 1814 in Franklin County, AL His wife is listed as Nancy. Service is SC militia. For family records see Madison County Orphans Court.

Jarman, Robert. Served as Lt. Col. 2 Regiment (Cocke's) West Tennessee Militia composing part of Major General William Carroll's Division under the command of Major General Andrew Jackson on an expedition to New Orleans from 13 Nov 1814 to 13th. May, 1815. Source: War Records Us Archives. He was born 22 May, 1769 in Anson County, NC and died 7 March 1829 at Humphrey's County, Tenn. He married Mary May in NC. His grave is located in Humphrey's County, TN.

Jordan, James. GA militia War of 1812. Land was granted to the orphaned children of James Jordan based on his service in the War of 1812. He lived in Elbert County, GA and is buried in the Holly Springs Cemetery, Elbert County, GA

Lawson, Robert Pvt US Army War of 1812. MARKED by AS Daughters of 1812 at Oak Hill Cemetery in Talladega, AL. He was born ca. 1785 in Ireland and died in Calhoun County 12 Nove 1832. He served in the East Tennessee militia as an Artificer in Captain William Christian's Company from 13 Oct 1813 to 13 Jan 1814. Reference NARA Record Group 94, Box 123, Card numbers 38518305 and 38518354.

Looney, John. Served as a sergeant in Captain John Gordon's Mounted Spies in Tennessee militia. He entered service 24 Sep 1813, was wounded, and discharged on 27 Dec 1813. He died in Mobile, AL in 1827. His family does not know where he was buried. His wife, Rebecca, died in 1842 in St. Clair County, AL

McClellan, John. Lieut. John McClellan served under Shelby at the Battle of King's Mountain (American Revolution); later as Captain McClellan he commanded a garrison on the Clinch River from 1792-93; he is referenced as Col in a letter dated in 1812 from Washington. Later his name appears on a muster roll and pay roll for a Private John McClellan in a Brigade of East Tennessee commanded by Brig. General John White with service from 15 Aug 1813 to 1 Jan 1814. See: The McClellans of Alabama and Arkansas compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane. John McClellan was born 24 September, 1768 at Sullivan County, TN and died on 15 Nov 1842 at Cane Hill, Arkansas. He married his wife Mary Wallace at Blount County, Tennessee on 13 May 1794.

McKinney, Johnson. Private in company commanded by Captain Hugh Carr. Regiment of rangers commanded by Col. Peter Perkins. Discharged 1 Feb 1814. Official record from Franklin County, AL records Alabama State Archives. Johnson McKinney was born c. 1764 in Virginia and died 11 April 1852 in Franklin County, AL. He married Mary Spradlin on 28 Dec 1818 at Moulton, Lawrence County, AL. He is buried in the Old Nauvoo Cemetery in Franklin County, AL

Miller, John Malcolm. Commissioned by Patrick Henry Esq. Gov of VA as Justice of Peace and the first Order Book of the Madison County Court, page 48 date 26 Jun, 1787 shows that Robert Rodes and John Miller, gentlemen, named in the commission of the Peace of the Justice of Peace and of Oyer and Terminer. He served as a representative from Kentucky County in the VA General Assembly, 1792-94. He held the rank of Captain based on his service in the American Revolution. John Miller was born 1 July, 1750 in Albemarle County, VA and died on 8 Sep 1806 at Richmond, Madison County, KY. He was married to Jane Dulaney, born 1 Jan 1751 at Orange, Culpeper County, VA, and died 13 March 1844 at Richmond, Madison County, Ky. They were married 20 Mar ch, 1774 at Albemarle County, VA

Mundy, Reuben. Served Captain William Varner's Company, GA militia as a private. WC 5819, Index to War of 1812 Pension Files Vol II: G-M. He was born 11 Apr 1777 at VA and died Clayton County, GA 28 Feb 1856. He was married on 10 Feb 1814 to Mary Andrews in Clayton County, GA. Buried in the Mundy Cemetery in Clayton County, GA

Nelson, Robert served in SC militia. Born in SC ca. 1780 and died in Franklin County, AL between 1840 and 1850. His record is found with the 1st. Regiment of the 1st. Brigade, Captain William Marc's Company pay lists.

Newton, Benjamin. Public Service. He served as a juror Oct 1786 and Jan 1788 Lincoln County Court Pleas and Quarter Sessions, NC. Also received a pension for service as Captain American Revolution. Benjamin Newton was born 3 Feb 1748 in York County, PA and died in Rutherford County NC 20 Feb 1835. He was married to Nancy McCall.

Page, James. Tennessee militia under the command of Captain Nathan Peoples of Humphreys County, Tennessee. James Page was born 23 Feb 1788 at Lauren County, SC and died 1 Sep1830 at Bibb County, Alabama. He married Sarah Chism who was born in Kentucky in 1790 and died after 1860 at Navarro County, Texas.

Pledger, Thomas Henry. born 1 Sep 1794 NC and died 14 March, 1880 in Floyd County, GA Buried in Lost Pledger Cemetery. Service GA militia as a pvt. Wife Lucenda Parks.

Rhodes, Jerrad, War of 1812. Buried Butler County, Greenville, AL

Richardson, James Burchell, Governor of SC, 1802-1804. He was born 28 Oct 1770 at Sumter County, SC and died 28 Apr 1836 at Momus Hall, Sumter, SC. He is buried in the Richardson Burial Ground, St. Mark's Parish, Clarendon, SC. His wife was Ann Cantey Sinkler.

Shackelford, Stephen. Service: Provided services and supplies to Carteret Militia, NC. Stephen Shackelford was born 23 Sep 1756 in Onslow, NC and died 18 Oct 1834 in Marion, SC. He married Susannah Wilton, the widow of Robert Wilton at Marion, SC. Grave located Marion, SC.

Sherrod, Benjamin. War of 1812, Georgia. Army contractor with Commissary Department supplying Georgia troops. Reference: Owen, Thomas McAdory, History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, Vol IV. He was born 16 Jan 1777 at Halifax County, NC and died 25 Feb 1847 at Lawrence County Alabama. He married his wife Eliza Watkins 1 Jan 1808 at Elbert County, GA.

Sly, Thomas. Private NY 1814, Swartwood's Regiment NY militia, Pvt. and in Captain Stone's Company Cavalry. Thomas Sly was born 15 Feb 1784 at Warwick, Orange County, NY and died at Brownhelm, Lorain County, Ohio on 27 Aug 1843. He was married to Zilpah Newberry

Smithwick, Edmond. Served War 1812, Georgia, Private, 1st. Reg. Harris. He was born 11 Sep 1789 at Fairfield County, S.C. and died 27 Dec 1855 in Cobb County, GA. He married his wife Piety Willis on 2 of May, 1816 in Elbert County, GA.

Sparks, William. Pvt. in Captain Manley Ford's Company of Infantry Batt'n SC militia commanded b Major William Fields, Oct and November, 1814 for six months service, Nov to March, 1815 in the same company muster roll. He was drafted in Spartanburg, SC and discharged at Orangeburg, SC on 12 Mar 1815. He made application for bounty land 28 Sep, 1850 in Franklin County, AL. William Sparks is buried in the Sparks Cemetery in Franklin County.

Vinson, West, First Regiment Chambers Georgia Militia, War of 1812 Service Records, Roll Box 216, #602. West Vinson died at Hancock County GA. Left a will dated 5 Jan 1838.

Weatherford, John. Served as a private in Regiment of Captain Elijah Rushing, Tennessee militia. Given a pay voucher for the use of his horse for 12 days. See Tennesseans in the War of 1812 by Byron and Samuel Sistler. Birth date given as 12 Oct 1800 at Darlington and date of his death is given as 16 Dec 1868 at Franklin County, AL. His wife was Eleanor Enloe who was born 15 Mar 1804 in Montgomery County, TN. She died in Franklin County, AL on the 1 of Jan 1871.They are buried in the Old Frankfort Cemetery, Franklin County, AL

Whatley, Solomon born in Wilkes County, GA 1785 and died at Ashland, AL on 27 Feb 1877. Married Mary "Polly" McClendon, born ca. 1783 in GA and died ca. 1860 in Lee County, AL. Solomon Whatley served under Captain John R. Gregory of the 5th. Regiment on the frontier of Jones County, GA August 1813. Reference: GA Military Records 1779-1814, page 188.

Woodruff, Joseph, Captain GA militia. He was born in 1751 in SC and died 2 Nov 1817 in Benton (Etowah) County, AL.

Woodward, John. Private in Captain James Hamilton's Company, Col James Carroll's Regiment, War of 1812 from 20 Dec 1813 to 8 Feb 1814. Served in Alabama. He was born 9 May 1795 in Tennessee and died 5 Aug 1881 at Newton County, Mississippi. He married Mary Rebecca Johnson in Jan 1813 at Madison County (now Alabama).

Yeager, Lewis. Served as Corporel in Captain William Sitton's Company of Infantry, 1st. Regiment West Tennessee militia. Born 18 Mar 1794 in S.C. and died 26 Apr 1853 in Bibb County, AL. Buried in the Yeager Graveyard in Bibb County, AL. He married Anna Carmack who was born 19 Nov 1807 in Tennesse.They were married on 26 Nov 1822. Anna died on 14 Jul 1861 and is buried in the Yeager Cemetery, Bibb County.














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